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Our Methods

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest"

Peter F. Drucker (Management Guru)

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In-House Innovation

We want to know your organization inside out in order to develop the right innovation plan for your company. To implement the plan, we will push hard to help you achieve your goals and achieve the highest quality standards within the desired time frame.

On a Run

Flexible Working Methods

We can work inside your organization, or we can run projects alongside your organization, or make connections with other organizations, as you prefer. We can coach you through the integration or manage the process for you.

Light Bulb

Innovation Authority Funding

Our team has been certified by the Israeli Innovation Authority as Innovation Leaders. This means that our work with you can be funded by the Innovation Authority, with the potential to apply for major government funding.

industry machine

Industry Hackathons

Our team has experience with initiating, planning and leading hackathons in many industries.
Hackathons add value by improving relationships between your industry and academia, promoting your company brand, enhancing team motivation, and much more.

Our Methods: Portfolio
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